When It Becomes Evident

healthy boundaries are not possible and that remaining in contact is destroying sense of self and the ability to process the loss and move forward

have the strength to let go

I just finished day 1 of the @YouVersion Plan The Lies Of Busyness: Devotions From Time Of Grace. Check it out here:

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Hairfinity: My Journey So Far

I received my 2 month supply of Hairfinity on Tuesday 9/23/14.

As of today, it has now been 3 weeks and 2 days.  At this point in the day, I have taken one pill.   I usually take one at or around 10.45am, and then my second pill at 10.45pm.

I do this because in some of the reviews I have read, the ladies complain about headaches.  So I figure if I spread out the dosage, it won’t be as hard on my body, but I should get the same result, as long as I take my 2 pills in one day.

My nails have definitely gotten stronger and growing.

I have refrained from applying heat or product to my hair.  My hair is naturally kinky curly, but it is also very fine and soft, and after several months of aggressive flat ironing, my curls were “lost” (if you will).

Since beginning my vitamin journey,  I do notice:

  • less shedding/breakage
  • my hair feels thicker, even though it is fine and feathery
  • my “lost” curls have gained a LITTLE more of their curl back
  • my new growth shows the kinky curliness.  Now I just have to stick with no heat or product and my hair should grow fast enough.

I also started out taking BioSil drops with it.  this formula is more for joints and bones. I will post an image of it later.

I think once I am finished with my Hairfinity supply, I am going to just start taking biotin pills.  I did notice an acne breakout over the last couple of days.  I don’t really want to see that, but I can’t really tell if the breakout is my “normal” breakout, or if it is from the vitamins.

Texas Slave Narrative: Willis Easter

WILLIS EASTER, 85, was born near Nacogdoches, Texas. He does not know the name of his first master. Frank Sparks brought Willis to Bosqueville, Texas, when he was two years old. Willis believes firmly in “conjuremen” and ghosts, and wears several charms for protection against the former. He lives in Waco, Texas.

“I’s birthed below Nacogdoches, and dey tells me it am on March 19th, in 1852. My mammy had some kind of paper what say dat. But I don’t know my master, ’cause when I’s two he done give me to Marse Frank Sparks and he brung me to Bosqueville. Dat sizeable place dem days. My mammy come ’bout a month after, ’cause Marse Frank, he say I’s too much trouble without my mammy.

“Mammy de bes’ cook in de county and a master hand at spinnin’ and weavin’. She made her own dye. Walnut and elm makes red dye and walnut brown color, and shumake makes black color. When you wants yallow color, git cedar moss out de brake.

“All de lint was picked by hand on our place. It a slow job to git dat lint out de cotton and I’s gone to sleep many a night, settin’ by de fire, pickin’ lint. In bad weather us sot by de fire and pick lint and patch harness and shoes, or whittle out something, dishes and bowls and troughs and traps and spoons.

“All us chillen weared lowel white duckin’, homemake, jes’ one garment. It was de long shirt. You couldn’t tell gals from boys on de yard.

“I’s twelve when us am freed and for awhile us lived on Marse Bob Wortham’s place, on Chalk Bluff, on Horseshoe Bend. After de freedom war,[Pg 2] dat old Brazos River done change its course up ‘bove de bend, and move to de west.

“I marries Nancy Clark in 1879, but no chilluns. Dere plenty deer and bears and wild turkeys and antelopes here den. Dey’s sho’ fine eatin’ and wish I could stick a tooth in one now. I’s seed fifty antelope at a waterin’ hole.

“Dere plenty Indians, too. De Rangers had de time keepin’ dem back. Dey come in bright of de moon and steals and kills de stock. Dere a ferry ‘cross de Brazos and Capt. Ross run it. He sho’ fit dem Indians.

“Dem days everybody went hossback and de roads was jes’ trails and bridges was poles ‘cross de creeks. One day us went to a weddin’. Dey sot de dinner table out in de yard under a big tree and de table was a big slab of a tree on legs. Dey had pewter plates and spoons and chiny bowls and wooden dishes. Some de knives and forks was make out of bone. Dey had beef and pork and turkey and some antelope.

“I knows ’bout ghostes. First, I tells you a funny story. A old man named Josh, he purty old and notionate. Every evenin’ he squat down under a oak tree. Marse Smith, he slip up and hear Josh prayin, ‘Oh, Gawd, please take pore old Josh home with you.’ Next day, Marse Smith wrop heself in a sheet and git in de oak tree. Old Josh come ‘long and pray, ‘Oh, Gawd, please come take pore old Josh home with you.’ Marse say from top de tree, ‘Poor Josh, I’s come to take you home with me.’ Old Josh, he riz up and seed dat white shape in de tree, and he yell, ‘Oh, Lawd, not right now, I hasn’t git forgive for all my sins.’ Old Josh, he jes’ shakin’ and he[Pg 3] dusts out dere faster den a wink. Dat broke up he prayin’ under dat tree.

“I never studied cunjurin’, but I knows dat scorripins and things dey cunjures with am powerful medicine. Dey uses hair and fingernails and tacks and dry insects and worms and bat wings and sech. Mammy allus tie a leather string round de babies’ necks when dey teethin’, to make dem have easy time. She used a dry frog or piece nutmeg, too.

“Mammy allus tell me to keep from bein’ cunjure, I sing:

“‘Keep ‘way from me, hoodoo and witch,
Lend my path from de porehouse gate;
I pines for golden harps and sich,
Lawd, I’ll jes’ set down and wait.
Old Satan am a liar and cunjurer, too—
If you don’t watch out, he’ll cunjure you.’

“Dem cunjuremen sho’ bad. Dey make you have pneumony and boils and bad luck. I carries me a jack all de time. It em de charm wrop in red flannel. Don’t know what am in it. A bossman, he fix it for me.

“I sho’ can find water for de well. I got a li’l tree limb what am like a V. I driv de nail in de end of each branch and in de crotch. I takes hold of each branch and iffen I walks over water in de ground, dat limb gwine turn over in my hand till it points to de ground. Iffen money am buried, you can find it de same way.

“Iffen you fills a shoe with salt and burns it, dat call luck to you. I wears a dime on a string round de neck and one round de ankle. Dat to keep any conjureman from sottin’ de trick on ma. Dat dime be bright iffen my friends am true. It sho’ gwine git dark iffen dey does me wrong.

“For to make a jack dat am sho’ good, git snakeroot and sassafras and[Pg 4] a li’l lodestone and brimstone and asafoetida and resin and bluestone and gum arabic and a pod or two red pepper. Put dis in de red flannel bag, at midnight on de dark of de moon, and it sho’ do de work.

“I knowed a ghost house, I sho’ did. Everybody knowed it, a red brick house in Waco, on Thirteenth and Washington St. Dey calls it de Bell house. It sho’ a fine, big house, but folks couldn’t use it. De white folks what owns it, dey gits one nigger and ‘nother to stay round and look after things. De white folks wants me to stay dere. I goes. Every Friday night dere am a rustlin’ sound, like murmur of treetops, all through dat house. De shutters rattles—only dere ain’t no shutters on dem windows. Jes’ plain as anything, I hears a chair, rockin’, rockin’. Footsteps, soft as de breath, you could hear dem plain. But I stays and hunts and can’t find nobody nor nothin’ none of dem Friday nights.

“Den come de Friday night on de las’ quarter de moon. Long ’bout midnight, something lift me out de cot. I heared a li’l child sobbin’, and dat rocker git started, and de shutters dey rattle softlike, and dat rustlin’, mournin’ sound all through dat house. I takes de lantern and out in de hall I goes. Right by de foot de stairs I seed a woman,big as life, but she was thin and I seed right through her. She jes’ walk on down dat hall and pay me no mind. She make de sound like de beatin’ of wings. I jes’ froze. I couldn’t move.

“Dat woman jes’ melted out de window at de end of de hall, and I left dat place!

What Does It Mean to Be “Born Again”?

2 Corinthians 5:17 New King James Version (NKJV)

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

Psalm 5:4-6

4 For you are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness, Nor shall evil dwell with You.

5 The boastful shall not sand in Your sight; You hate all workers of iniquity.

6 You shall destroy those who speak falsehood;  The Lord abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful ma.

Men and Nations…

Men and nations sink or soar, survive or perish, as they choose to be dominated by sin or righteousness. A.P Gouthey